Technology for Impact is a next-generation management consulting firm with proven experience guiding organizations to transition into sustainable, decarbonized, regenerative and circular strategies, business models and organizational mindsets.

We protect our planet by transforming the way people and organizations lead and do business.

Regeneration by Technology for Impact is a specialised suite of offerings designed for organizations that are serious about protecting the planet and ready to take their commitment towards impact led business to the next level.

If your idea of ethical and responsible business and leadership goes beyond fulfilling ESG commitments and you are looking to make active contribution to the global regeneration movement, we are here to help you turn that idea into an action plan and create lasting impact.

Regeneration includes our bespoke business strategy and innovation consultancy, leadership upskilling, employee workshops, keynote presentations, unique experiences, research and insights and a lot more. Contact us today to discuss your requirement.


Management Consulting

Businesses today need to heavily focus on regenerative strategy building, evolving leadership mindset, sustainability and impact, accelerating technologies, futureproofing, and sustainable innovation. We provide bespoke consultancy services across these areas of expertise and help organizations become future-ready. 

Learning and Insights

Today, leadership teams and employees across industries need to upskill, unlearn, and adapt to the changing paradigm of future readiness. We develop and deliver expert-led courses, workshops, keynote presentations, research and insights to help organizations take their learning and development initiatives to the next level.


Organizations today need to invest in their people in more ways than one. Team building and personal development initiatives around environmental awareness, self-improvement, motivation, and team building are essential parts of employee engagement. We design these experiences in unique, immersive, and impactful ways.



Strategy and Leadership

Businesses today must revisit their strategies and leadership mindset to become more conscious, impact led, ethical, responsibly innovative, and future ready. We work with companies across industries and size of operations to help them achieve this through tailored solutions.

Sustainability and Impact

Every organization today needs to focus on decarbonization, regeneration, and circularity as an integral part of their operations, growth, and impact. We work with organizations at different stages of sustainability journey to enhance the strategy and maximize impact.

Futures Studies and Foresight

Businesses need to focus on future-readiness based on methodical, scientific, and data-driven insights, analysis, and roadmaps. The future may be uncertain, so we deep dive into multiple future scenarios and help your business prepare for all possibilities along with an ideal one.

Accelerating Technology and Ethics

In this age of technological evolution and innovation, the need of the hour is a highly ethical and sustainable approach towards adopting, inventing, integrating or implementing these technologies. We help businesses apply accelerating technologies in the most ethical and impactful way.

Sustainable Innovation

Today, for innovative strategies to be a successful foundation of business growth, they need to align with sustainability, future readiness, and ethics. We work closely with small and large enterprises to redefine innovation in their industry and turn sustainable innovative ideas into a lasting and impactful reality for the business.


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