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Via Strategic Services

Support your progress with tools and frameworks developed by experts in five key aspects of strategic planning. For each area we offer programs and frameworks for addressing different organizational needs.


and Leadership

Assess stakeholder values and competitive landscapes to develop your transformative vision. Upgrade the leadership abilities needed to execute your new strategies.

  • Stakeholder Leadership Program (Signature program)
  • Board and Executive Program
  • Fund Managers and Institutional Investors Onboarding Program


and Impact

Climate and social solutions are needed immediately. Get a handle on the impacts of your organization, set goals, and drive real progress. 

  • Business Sustainability Sprint
  • The Stakeholder Process: Impact Mapping, ESGs and SDGs
  • Net-zero and Nature-positive Organizations: Opportunities, Strategies and Clean technologies

Future Studies

and Foresight

Foresee global and industry trends to turn your stakeholders’ values into competitive advantages. Take the actions today that will inform future-proof decisions.

  • Future Foresight Signature Program
  • Organizational Mindset, Metabolism and Morals Sprint
  • S-Curve: Future-Proof Strategy and Leadership Sprint


Tech and Ethics

Boost your trajectory by embracing the potential of emerging technologies. Get ahead of ethical questions and challenges.

  • Data ethics and Exponential Technologies Immersion Program
  • Artificial Intelligence, Impact and Sustainability Sprint
  • High-Tech, High-Impact Growth: Sustainable Digital Transformation Program

Innovation as a Service

and Disruption

Innovation as a Service (IaaS) for sustainable processes, products and services. Rapidly develop minimum viable products to drive profitability from within stakeholder ecosystems.

  • Sustainable Innovation Program
  • Self-Disruption War Room
  • Intrapreneurs Bootcamp