Today, every individual needs to develop a deeper connection with the natural world in order to stay hopeful and work towards a better future for themselves and the people they care about.

We design and manage bespoke end to end corporate experiences in the form of retreats, offsites and nature bonding activities aimed at self-discovery, self-improvement, learning, motivation, team building, acknowledging love towards nature and planet, and more. We can organize these experiences for a small or a large group at a location, date, and time that works for you.

Tackling Eco Anxiety & Building Active Hope

The first step towards building a better world starts within. Most of your team members are likely to be dealing with eco anxiety and some degree of hopelessness connected to the future. There is an urgent need for this to be addressed so that your employees can reconnect with their natural habitat, find, and foster hope, and get motivated to be a part of the positive change by finding their place in nature.

This deep ecological experience is designed to offer your team clarity, direction, active hope as well as a profound connection with their ecological self and with the ecological self of your organization.

Finding your Ecological Self

Your Ecological Self is the deep sense of connection and belonging that you have with the natural world, recognizing that you are part of an interconnected web of life. Today, we live in a world that is getting increasingly aware of the planet’s current situation and at this time we all need to revisit this deep bond that we have with our natural surroundings as a part of our emotional healing and mental wellbeing.

This experience is designed to help your team reconnect with nature and find their larger self as the artificial boundaries dissolve and disappear revealing a beautiful bond that was always there.

Building Active Hope

Active Hope is a mindset and practice of engaging with the world with a positive attitude and hopefulness while taking actions to make the best possible future a reality, even in the face of uncertainty, challenges, and adversity. Your team needs to make the journey from hopelessness to hopefulness in order to spark creativity, stay motivated, and take care of their emotional wellbeing.

This deep ecological experience is designed to help your team navigate the complexities of the current situation of the world in relation to a hope filled future that they look forward to and work towards.

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