Strategy and Leadership

Businesses today must revisit their strategies and leadership mindset to become more conscious, impact led, ethical, responsibly innovative, and future ready. We work with companies across industries and size of operations to help them achieve this through tailored solutions.

We can help you with:

  • Aligning your business strategy with sustainability
  • Stakeholder mapping for integrating sustainability into business operations and approach.
  • Adopting the 3M model for mindset, metabolism and morals driven business
  • Regenerative leadership mindset and upskilling for leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Integrating sustainability into work culture and addressing eco anxiety among your teams
  • Ethical digital transformation and new technologies integration into business

Sustainability and Impact

Every organization today needs to focus on decarbonization, regeneration, and circularity as an integral part of their operations, growth, and impact. We work with organizations at different stages of their sustainability journey to enhance the strategy and maximize impact.

We can help you with:

  • Decarbonisation, Regeneration & Circularity led business strategy and climate leadership mindset development.
  • Business risk assessment in the face of climate change and future proofing
  • Climate modeling for business decision making
  • Sustainability industry insights and research specific to your topics of interest
  • Sustainability impact storytelling and communication
  • Understanding and implementing Exponential Sustainability

Futures Studies and Foresight

There is a rising need for business future readiness based on methodical, scientific, and data driven insights, analysis and mapping. The future may be uncertain so we deep dive into multiple future scenarios and help your business prepare for all possibilities along with an ideal one.

We can help you with:

  • Business Future Mapping
  • Strategic Foresight – Future Scenarios, Horizon Scanning & Roadmap Development
  • Industry forecasting, market study and future insights
  • Alternative Future Scenarios
  • Business Future Proofing and Strategic Roadmaps

Accelerating Technology and Ethics

In this age of technological evolution and innovation, the need of the hour is a highly ethical and sustainable approach towards adopting, inventing, integrating or implementing these technologies. We help businesses apply emerging technologies in the most ethical and impactful way.

We can help you with:

  • Ethical tech strategy development
  • Launching and operating your business in the metaverse
  • Accelerating tech powered innovation with ethics

Sustainable Innovation

Today, innovation can be a successful foundation of business growth only if it aligns well with sustainability, future readiness, and ethics. We work closely with small and large enterprises to redefine innovation in their industry and turn sustainable innovative ideas into a lasting and impactful reality for the business.

We can help you with:

  • Innovation as a service
  • Innovation hub development
  • Regenerative Innovation and Business Strategy
  • Regenerative design thinking
  • Understanding and using Biomimicry as a business strategy
  • Innovation thesis and strategy creation