Stakeholder Leadership Program

Prepare your leadership for an uncertain future

Business as usual is a thing of the past. Climate, technology and social pressures will cause one major disruption after another in the years ahead. The Stakeholder Leadership Program equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead in this post-normal world.

One-to-one expert guidance will explain how net-zero, circular economy, ESGDs and other stakeholder concepts can be applied to insulate your organization from upheaval. But the program is NOT merely theoretical.Together, we’ll develop the future-proof strategies and implementation plans that begin the work.

Who is this program for?

This program is for visionary leaders who see that a sustainable future requires systemic change. It’s for key decision-makers who want to move quickly to understand the changing tides and begin turning the ship. And it’s for busy executives who deserve the personal attention of true experts.

Together, we’ll explore the full range of your organization’s environmental and social impact. From this perspective, we’ll explore revenue-generating products, processes and strategies that address the most compelling needs of your stakeholders. In this manner, your organization will become authentically responsive to the market opportunities that coincide with emerging global challenges.

Why invest in this program?

Customized for your needs

The sustainable business world encompasses dozens of major initiatives and perspectives. Before your program begins, we customize the content to the specific needs of your organization. From SDGs or climate policy, to circular economy or biomimicry, we take you through the topics and tools that are most promising for your industry and most relevant to your operations.

Paced for immediate impact

This isn’t an executive course that you’ll pop in and out of over the course of several months to hear about new business trends. Rather, it’s an intensive, one-on-one program designed to waste no time bringing you up to speed. After just 24 hours (not in a row) of guided work, you’ll be on the path to stakeholder transformation.

Plug-and-Play implementation

You need much more than just information. That’s why every strategic concept in your customized Stakeholder Leadership Program will be integrated with the practical tools and frameworks needed for implementation. Together, we’ll use these to begin the work that will give your organization the advantage of stakeholder alignment. 

Program Takeaways

  • Leadership Blueprint – A clear guide (with case studies) for actualizing the skill sets and characteristics needed to lead within the stakeholder paradigm.
  • Stakeholder Map – From shareholders and employees, to community members and the environment itself, we’ll uncover everyone and everything that has an interest in your future success. 
  • Net-zero Playbook – First we account for your CO2 emissions. Then we outline appropriate strategies for erasing them from your operations and your supplier ecosystem. 
  • ESG Materiality Assessment – What risks do climate change and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues present for your industry and company? We’ll lay them out—and what to do about them.
  • Future Foresight Scenarios – Clear pictures of how your industry or organization can benefit through the application of relevant concepts like circular economy, biomimicry or regenerative agriculture.
  • Stakeholder Board Proposal – We’ll identify a full complement of stakeholders to sit on your actual board, or a mirror stakeholder board. 
  • Triple Bottom Line Canvas – Understand how your strategic choices impact the three P’s (progress, planet and people) and how new concepts and technologies can make you a leader across the board.
  • Nature-positive Road Map – Step-by-step guidance for ensuring your company is part of the solution for protecting biodiversity and critical ecosystem services. 
  • Network Connections – Introductions to the entrepreneurial, tech, science and design ecosystems already working on the responsible solutions for your industry’s challenges. 
  • Impact Investment Path – From collaborating with tech ecosystems to creating a venture fund, we’ll determine the best impact investing options for participating in emerging environmental and social solutions. 
  • Financial alignment – We’ll align your financial objectives with your new stakeholder vision to avoid market or shareholder shocks. 
  • Culture Transformation Handbook – A successful stakeholder transformation requires a transformation of organizational culture as well.

Program FAQs

Will this program fit into my schedule? 

And it is. The Stakeholder Leadership Program consists of 12 hours of guided sessions, and 12 hours of self-guided work. We’ll schedule the guided sessions to fit the openings in your calendar and ensure you have the time between sessions to complete the work. 

Why should I choose this program? 

This is not canned, one-size-fits-all content delivered at scale to hundreds of curious executives. Rather, it’s a one-on-one dive with experts who customize the learning and strategic planning to fit the unique needs of your situation.

Why does my organization need to realign around stakeholders? 

The world is rapidly changing. The old models of wealth extraction on behalf of shareholders are falling apart as the planet’s resources diminish, populations struggle and the climate becomes unstable. Stakeholder models, by comparison, are inherently resilient because they are responsive to the authentic needs of many, instead of the monetary needs of a few. 

Why should we work with you? 

AlterLeap has proven experience helping organizations navigate the existential challenges of stakeholder, sustainability and net-zero transformation. For us, this type of work isn’t a market trend that’s propping up a sprawling and bloated consulting firm. Rather, it’s the life’s work of a streamlined cadre of senior consultants and subject-matter experts

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