Stakeholder Transition Program

Transform Your Organization for a Thriving Future

The market, governments and investors are looking for products and services that help solve today’s global challenges – not contribute to them. The Stakeholder Transition Program leads teams through the process of implementing a stakeholder mindset and strategy to thrive in this new competitive environment.

Together, we’ll tackle the difficult work of undoing your negative social or environmental impacts and replacing them with a business model that contributes to the well-being of all your human and ecological stakeholders. By aligning with the needs of diverse, global communities, we’ll establish a powerful and authentic competitive advantage for your organization.

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Why is this program for?

The Stakeholder Transition Program is for the executives in your organization who will be responsible for implementing your stakeholder strategy. However, it requires the authority of senior leadership. With your backing, we’ll ensure your executives understand the value of embracing diverse stakeholder perspectives and assist them in revising and developing essential business processes to drive change. 

The purpose of the Program is to waterfall your new strategic stakeholder vision down through the goals and metrics of every business unit and team. In doing so, we’ll link the success of your organization to the wellbeing of local and global stakeholder communities, matching their needs with nature-positive, revenue-producing solutions.

Why invest in this program?

Unlock New Revenue Streams Right Away

The Stakeholder Transition Program is designed to begin iterating and testing stakeholder solutions on day one. From fine-tuning internal processes that build organizational culture, to designing new products and services, we build and verify as we go. As a result, your organization doesn’t have to wait until the end of a long, drawn-out engagement to begin reaping the benefits of our work.

Customized for your organization

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. The sustainable business world encompasses dozens of major initiatives and perspectives that may or may not be applicable to your organization’s stakeholder strategy. Before your program begins, we’ll customize the content to the specific learning and implementation needs of your organization.

Integrated Change Management

It’s not enough to simply have a stakeholder strategy. In order to achieve a positive impact on your organization and the planet, it must be activated. We know from experience that your strategy can—and must—work for all of the interests within your organization, from finance to operations to marketing. Our nine-step process ensures organizational alignment and buy-in with your stakeholder vision. Plus, it establishes your relationships with new and important external interests.

The Process


Set the stage with an organizational diagnosis and strategic briefing.


Take stock of your leadership capabilities, your company’s DNA and the transformative path that lies ahead.


Get to know the full range of your organizational stakeholders and ESG materiality risks enroute to a resilient competitive advantage.


Anticipate and prepare for the future through immersive scenario presentations, foresight mapping and the development of S-curve strategies.


Define your massive transformative purpose, re-engineer your organizational incentives and institute a new leadership manifesto


Develop bespoke impact and sustainability systems and reports, from ESGs and SDGs to circular economy, green finance and impact investment.


Discover the emerging technologies and partnerships that will take your industry and organization to the next level.


Engage your new stakeholders to drive change, growth and profitability while protecting people and ecosystems.


Expand your message and network architecture globally to reach new heights of positive influence and business success.

Program FAQs​

How is this program different from the Stakeholder Leadership Program? 

The Stakeholder Leadership Program is designed to bring senior leadership up to speed quickly on relevant stakeholder perspectives in order to develop a new, future-proof organizational strategy and implementation plans. The Stakeholder Transition Program is for organizations that have already done the work of developing a stakeholder strategy. Our consultants assist the teams responsible for executing the strategy, by teaching stakeholder concepts and introducing new tools and frameworks to drive change.

Why should we invest in this?

It’s true that organizational transformation is a big investment of time and resources. But the longer you wait to embrace sustainable solutions, the greater the risk becomes that your company will suffer from social or environmental disruptions. Conversely, the sooner you act, the easier it will be to manage the cost and process of transformation.

How do you get organizational buy-in?

It’s important that a senior leader with decision-making power has end-to-end ownership of the program. Our consultants will lead the work, but we’ll need the backing of someone with authority within your organization. We’ll work with all of the relevant teams within your organization to help them understand the value of a stakeholder mindset and ensure that all key personnel are aligned around your vision.

How long is this going to take?

After strategic kickoff, we’ll provide you with a proposed timeline that will be determined by the size of your organization, the challenges it faces, and scheduling availability. In short, we can move as fast as your organization is able and willing to go. 

Why should we work with you?

AlterLeap has proven experience helping organizations navigate the existential challenges of stakeholder, sustainability and net-zero transformation. For us, this type of work isn’t a market trend that’s propping up a sprawling and bloated consulting firm. Rather, it’s the life’s work of a streamlined cadre of senior consultants and subject-matter experts

Program features

Price: The cost of the Stakeholder Transition Program is determined by the size of your organization and the scope of change management required to establish your strategic vision. But our next-generation consulting firm is highly competitive, because you’re only paying for the value we add, not the overhead of a sprawling firm.